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Herb - Productions

PO - BOX - 54 54

D - 78433 KONSTANZ

TEL: 0(049) 7531 - 56 500

FAX: 0(049) 7531 - 56 100

MOBIL: 0(049) 170 - 200 98 80


D - 78 4 64 Konstanz Germany







Our musicproductions were published in the USA, all across Europe and in Asia. The equipment has international standard. The sound is aswell unbeatabe for film-music: We compose action packed adventures, emotional dramas for optimum impact, cinematic grooves and powerful beats for commercials, heartwrenching drama, sweet romance and epic love-stories. Spine-chilling horror, terror, intrigue, unbearable suspense, wacky fun and comedy is aswell in our reportoir just like Hip-Hop, Rock, Trance, Pop or Classic.


Digital-Recording, Analog-Recording (Otari), Neumann-Microphones, Hammond-Organ, 4 Samplers, 10 Keyboards, SOUNDTRACS Mixing System, Urei-Limiter-Compressor, Lexicon Hall, JBL-BONSAI Monitoring, Atari Midi-Peripherie


We work for major radio-stations in Germany. We transmit NEWS, portraits of politicians and stars, documentations and reports from all over the world.


Nik Herb´s profession based on his work as an radio-editor in the 80´s. No wonder that Herb-Productions is specialized in radio-commercials, features, live-presentations and company-portraits.


We compose and produce finest commercials for radio-programmes, presentations, fares or even for your telephone-mailbox. More than 1000 customers trusted our quality.


Herb-Productions is "your" partner concern dubbings (Commercials, Cartoons, Industrial Films). Translations from Englisch, French, Bahsa Indonasia, Malay or Spanish into German is not a problem.


We compose in your requested styles. Our worldwide references could be your advantage, too. For example: The producers of Herb-Productions stood behind the Hit "Bon Voyage" (ZDF Sonntagskonzert). The Harp-World-Champion „Harry Caine“ toured with our songs all across Asia and USA.The rockband „Darks Sky“ produced their album „Believe it".(Published in Europe, Asia, Airplay at SWR ). 2003 we produced and composed music for Switzerland´s biggest leisure-park "Conny-Land". The music and special-effects improved the sealion/and dolphinshow. 2004 the new I.D. of Conny-Land, (the Conny-Land-Song) will be published and celebrated with children from all over the world..


Films and Animations only become real, if the sound is suitable. We´ll give your special effects the right athmospheres.

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